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Happy Valentine’s Day

Happy Valentine’s Day from the Liverpool Gift Company! We hope you’re celebrating in style and getting spoilt or if you’re completely hijacking the holiday, are suitably avoiding all mentions of the day (minus this blog post, obviously!)

If you’ve been truly lucky this year, you will have received one of our lovely Scouse stuff Valentine’s cards but we all know that sometimes, our other halves can get the task of present buying a little bit wrong. A survey by has found the top ten worst presents to be given for Valentine’s Day, can you sympathise with this list?


1. Petrol Station Flowers- A wilting bloom of tulips wouldn’t be our first choice of gift and we can never feel good knowing flowers cost triple their usual price, just for once day. We want to be spoilt but in a cost-effective way!

2. Tacky jewellery- Never a good pressie to receive, especially when it turns your skin a shocking shade of green. Something nice and simple would go down much better!

3. Large Cuddly Toy- Maybe when you’re 14 and have your first boyfriend/girlfriend, but things need to have been stepped up by now.

4. Bargain Bin CD- A mixed tape was once a good idea in years past but please don’t bother with a lazy compilation you’ve picked up last minute. If so, force your partner to listen to it at every waking moment, they might start to get the hint.

5. Unflattering Underwear- Unless you know your partner completely and are guaranteed to get it right, don’t even bother with this one.

6. Bottle of Cheap Perfume-If you don’t know what scent your partner wears by now, we suggest you get thinking (or smelling!) quickly.

7. All you can eat Buffet Voucher-A lovely home cooked meal says you’re thoughtful and caring, this says you want to stuff your face for as little as possible. Not our thing.

8. DVD of your partners favourite film- We know you love Die Hard or Bridget Jones’ Diary but maybe a trip to the cinema would be a better move.

9. Tickets to watch his football team play- The sound of Match of the Day already fills us with dread, please don’t put us through this.

10. Bar of chocolate-Not even a Thornton’s selection, just a measly bar of Dairy Milk. Maybe ok on a Tuesday night as a treat but surely for that one day a year you can think of something a little better?

 Valentine strawberry heart chocolate cupcakes

Some of these might have made you grateful for what you’ve got, whilst others might help you feel like you’re not alone. Either way, have a brilliant Thursday and a great weekend!

Love and big hugs from The Liverpool Gift Company.

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